Volli Charter

Effective Date: March 23, 2019

Volli Community Charter

The Volli Community is centered around people and their desire to play, enjoy, and improve their tennis experience. Some of us are drawn to compete, others are here to fulfill fitness goals, and all of us are here to enjoy a sport that is inherently a social exercise.

This community is meant to Delight All Players (DAP). Whether you are a beginner searching for people who, like you, are trying to power through the learning curve of the sport, or a 5.0 player over 50 looking to draw out your best tennis, or a wheelchair tennis player who seeks more playing opportunities and greater inclusion in the broader tennis community, Volli is here to bring us together and take the barriers to enjoyment out of our way.

The simplest way for members to live this community value, is to enjoy each opportunity to its fullest. Volli ought to make it easier for you to do the things you’ve always done and play with your tennis tribe. We also hope that you can travel with your tennis and be open to meeting new players all over the world. In order for that dream to be possible we all have to be open to playing with folks we don’t know, right here at home. Maybe not all the time, but as often as it suits you. Your tennis game will be the better for it and our community will thrive because of your openness. In addition to seizing your own opportunities, we hope that you also think about the quality of the experiences of other players.

We want to stimulate and foster great interactions on and off the court, and to do that we have created the Volli platform to take the friction out of setting up tennis engagements, managing our broader tennis events, celebrating our achievements, enhancing our casual play, and managing our team and tournament experiences.

Volli as a platform is built to collect and share our data in ways that can be entertaining and enriching. As a member of this community you play an important part of making it a great experience for everyone, especially yourself. You will always be in control of the data that you share. Below are some community guidelines that we hope orient people on how to be the best Volli Community members possible.

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